Super Bowl! 2/1/15


Hi Gang!

We’re watching the Super Bowl tonight like nearly everyone else in the world (actually, I’m watching Ted and Blake watch the Super Bowl while I cook)!

I’ll be back the first part of the week with news and pics from Florida and Mackinac . . .  AND an update on what the veterinary orthopedic surgeon says on Monday afternoon about Bear’s knee.

Enjoy the game!

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl! 2/1/15

  1. Got room for two more? FL is looking really enticing right now – winter storm warning with 18″ of snow and up to 8″ more through tomorrow am. I’m rooting for warm weather!!!


  2. Meh….my Packers screwed themselves out of being there, so I have no real vested interest except to see the Patriots NOT win. TV and my laptop is in the same room. So surfing I go. I had PLANNED a bunch more to eat but one of three mouths chose not to be here and us other two mouths filled up quickly and not in the mood for more food. So it’ll be saved for another time. I’ll close thinking of you on your breezy waterway and warm weather as we’re getting a foot of snow and schools and offices are closing for tomorrow already. Did I say I’m thinking of you……..?


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