A Dog’s Work is Never Done 3/5/15

Hi Gang!

Bear here.  I very quietly turned on mom's laptop to let you know mom went to bed tonight without blogging because . . . . she forgot!

Bear here. I very quietly turned on mom’s laptop to let you know mom went to bed tonight without blogging because . . . . she forgot!  I kept waiting and waiting for her to remember, but she went to sleep watching TV, and then she woke up and went straight to bed.  I know she’s going to get up in the morning and HAVE A FIT when she remembers.  And then she’s going to rush to the computer, turn it on, and find that – once again – I have saved the day.  She’ll be back on Sunday.  In fact, I will MAKE SURE of it by writing her a reminder note on Sunday morning.  Geez . . .  what would she do without me!  Bear out.  P.S.  I found that photo I used in the header in a bunch of pics mom was going to use tonight on the blog.  I hope she doesn’t get mad I borrowed it, but she should have thought of that before she fell asleep and left me to take care of business.  Bear out again.


27 thoughts on “A Dog’s Work is Never Done 3/5/15

  1. Bear, while Mom’s asleep, we need to talk. I’ve got just the girl for you, if you like German Shepherds. She’s cute, trust me. Let me know if you’d like her number.


    • Ms. MJ – are you trying to play Cupid? I LOVE GSD’s! Maybe she and I could meet on Facebook. Mom, I need a Facebook account . . . quick!



      • Hey Bear…also tell your Mom that she’d better frame that header picture of you. It is just the cutest thing with that adorable smile you’ve got. 🙂


  2. Thank you, Bear! Hearing from you made me smile MUCH earlier in the day than I normally even see, much less feel smiles!! I would agree that Mom’s need a break every once in awhile, so do be too tough on her. She’s had a pretty tough several months that will take some time to recover from. And to be quite honest, none of us are getting any younger. I know, I know, but it happens to the best of us. I hope you have a great weekend, Bear. Give Mama an extra snuggle and be extra nice to Maddie for a few minutes today, ok? (I never know how to sign-in as…also known as @musicgirl77)


  3. Well Bear, it sure was good to see your smiling face and hear from you. What would we do without you and your excellent memory and sense of responsibility. I don’t think your mom will be mad at you at all. I’m sure she’ll be glad you notified us of how tired and sleepy she was. It’s obvious she needed the sleep. No doubt she’ll feel more rested today and give you a big hug for being so thoughtful. Maybe she’ll even give you an extra treat.


  4. Bear this is why I love reading your Mom’s blog it always puts a smile on my face, big fella you are so handsome we sure do miss you all please make sure you look us up while your on Mackinac. Tell Mom and Dad to get plenty of rest because I am sure they will be going all the time up here.


    • Ms. Denise! Love you, love you, love you! You’ll have those yummy treats up at Surrey Hill this summer, right? You can count on us coming up there a LOT. CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU . . . and your treats! (Do you still keep them in that little room that you only told ME about?)


  5. Always love hearing from you, Bear! And it’s been a while. Glad to see you found a job being a beach ambassador. It’s good to stay busy, and you never know who you might meet on the beach. . . . I couldn’t get our cat, Amelia, to look a the post. She’s busy sleeping, but will be willing to look later, around 10:00 tonight. Thanks for being so understanding!


  6. Hey there Bear!
    It’s Katarina here. I don’t think I’ve ever introduced myself properly, but Ms. Melody is my momma. It’s good to see you’ve stepped in for your mom since she was tuckered out last night. You did a right nice job writing the post today. Although I’m of the feline species, I must say, you are quite an attractive fellow (don’t tell the other cats I said so). I bet you’re enjoying the warm weather there in Florida. I nearly freeze here in Michigan when mom opens the door to get the mail. And hey, I have to ask, how do you dogs tolerate going to the groomer all the time? Going outside is SCARY! My mom made me go to the groomer last week for a manicure (I got SoftPaws put on my nails) and they put this ridiculous helmet on my head while they trimmed my nails. I mean really, how embarrassing! I have to give you dogs credit for putting up with groomers so well. We cats just really don’t enjoy such outings. Well, anyway, thanks again for writing the blog and tell your sister Maddy “hi” for me. Maybe we’ll chat again some time.
    With love,
    Your new friend…
    (Melody’s “daughter”) 😉

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    • Well hello to you, Katarina! We may not have met, but I’ve read all about you on mom’s blog and on YOUR mom’s Facebook page (I’m a very social media-type pooch). It sounds like you really got lucky when Ms Melody adopted you – she is a very, very nice lady (my mom told me so).
      Write anytime – I’d love to hear all about that cold weather – in fact I’d much rather be there than here in hot Florida. Hot weather makes my skin itch!! Later!



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