Thinking Of Pyramids 3/29/15

We love living near our grandchildren. Ted and I were about to get dressed for church this morning when that little “dinger” sounded announcing a text message.  It was from Jordan and read, “2:08 dance number moved to 1:00”. And our entire morning plan changed.

Jordan dances competitively, and she was scheduled to be in four numbers this morning and two this afternoon (one at 2:08 and one around 5:00) in a huge competition in Daytona Beach.  We’d planned to rush home from church, change clothes, and be at the News-Journal Center for the 2:08 number.

We quickly decided to skip church, rush to Daytona, and maybe get there in time to see two of the morning numbers AND the 1:00 number.  And that’s what we did.

Sitting in a dark auditorium watching mostly girls (there are a few boys), ages five through high school, dance for literally hours between the dances Jordan was in is something I never could have conceived enjoying even two years ago.  Having raised two boys I knew nothing of organized dance and all that is involved (I CAN offer up the exact combination of cleaners guaranteed to get grass stains out of Little League uniforms though).  Now I find myself loving all of the pageantry of dance – the costumes, the music, the lights.  And of course, our girl . . . who is without a doubt the best – and most beautiful – dancer up there.

The numbness I spoke of a few months ago is slowly giving way to the opening of my heart to this new life we’ve chosen.  When I walk in our front door I no longer think I’m just here visiting, and with each addition of a piece of art, or a table, or even a new set of towels, it becomes more and more our home.

I think the thing I’m having the most trouble with is the lack of a yard.  My pots of flowers help, but there’s just no area to walk around outside within the boundaries of “our space”.  I’m still trying to get past that little negative.  A lot of people have said, “But just think, there’s nothing you have to mow or weed or spray for bugs.  True. But there’s also no place for Bear and Maddie to romp, or for a party of folks to hang out.  The fact that water lies just beyond our back door – water where fish jump and manatees swim and pelicans and diving ducks have dinner each day – will eventually get me past the lack of grass.  I think.  I hope.

Meeting others going through the same adjustments is also helping.  On Saturday, while working at the Flagler Humane Society tent at United Methodist Church’s Spring Festival, I struck up a conversation with another volunteer.  She and her husband just moved here from Colorado (95% of the people we’ve met are NOT from Florida but from somewhere else).  Like me, she was reaching out by volunteering with organizations she holds dear, and we also chatted about and compared the various churches we’d visited.  How better to find like-minded people who just may one day be close friends?  As we talked away the beautiful day, surrounded by animal lovers, I thought about how many others there are here in this little beach town who are just like me – new to the area, but searching for a way to become part of this community.  Flagler and Beverly Beaches have remained so unchanged for so many years, and that “sameness” seems to be drawing more and more people here – away from the miles of tall, elaborate oceanfront condos.  I believe people are looking for a simpler life, especially people our age.

One realization has helped more than any other, I think.  I’ve finally figured out I’m not trading in the first 65 years of my life for this one, and I’m not betraying those other places and people I love by loving another place and other people.  I know that each Spring I’m going to long to be back at the ri’vah to glory in the budding trees and blooming azaleas, and I can go back any time I like.  I know that each May I’m going to think it’s time to pack up and head north, but I can wait until June or August or September or whenever we choose to go to the island.  I know that friends from both places will be waiting, and I know that many will have visited us here.

I read somewhere this week that just as the pyramids were built as monuments to honor the pharaohs, our memories are built as monuments to honor each person and place that has touched us in some special way.  I like that a lot.  And the advantage we have is we don’t have to travel anywhere to access those monuments.  All we have to do is close our eyes and let those special people and places dance across the backs of our eyelids.

So – with each new day, each new addition to the house, each new venture across the street to watch the waves wash in and the seabirds soar overhead, and with each new neighbor who moves in – the heart beating inside my chest becomes a little less stone and a lot more soft and pliable – like clay.

It feels good to feel again.

God bless.

Personal Note A big thank you to Greg Main for the beautiful header photo!


15 thoughts on “Thinking Of Pyramids 3/29/15

  1. Your post helped me as I am not adjusting to a ‘new home’ but definitely a new place in my life…it’s good to know ….”All we have to do is close our eyes and let those special people and places dance across the backs of our eyelids.” That helps me to remember all the wonderful memories Fred and I experienced together…Thanks Brenda…and God bless your new venture.

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  2. So glad to hear you are feeling better. Life certainly has thrown a lot in your direction! You are so lucky to have friends at all of your locations and each time you visit, it will feel like home. Life is certainly a journey for all of us!

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  3. Haven’t written in a while, but just wanted to say I love reading your blog. You certainly have a wonderful way with words. The northern lights pics were unbelievable. And the pic of the dogs with the manatee swiimming by is one of a kind. U don’t see that much here in Ohio, lol. Glad to hear you are “settling in” to your new home.

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  4. So good to hear that spring has brought blooming to your life in Florida. Can’t keep a good woman down for long! Difficult lesson I have not yet had to learn. So happy for both of you!

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  5. I love your choice of “Being Clay” and how it ultimately can relate to all your readers. I thought about everyone’s life being somewhat like clay. Mostly it is about the courage to embrace a new direction we choose to go down. The willingness to go down an unknown road…courage for the unknown. Leaving our comfort level to try something new, make a new friend go to a new place. In the beginning I didn’t understand your choice of “To Be Clay” but I fully see it now as it relates to all your readers in their everyday lives or even just at certain times in their lives. it’s a great analogy. Thank you as always for your great insight as well as your ability to translate that so it can have meaning for all your readers. The best to you all in your willingness to be clay and absorb the hands that help mold your clay.

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  6. I’m sure I should have, but I didn’t realize how philosophical you are and how accomplished you are at it. A wonderful blog. However, there is just one bit of advice in your blog that I cannot take just now in my life. I need a yard and a place to grow a little garden. I’m sure the time will come, and probably sooner than I will like, when at least the garden will be impossible, but for now I definitely feel that I need it. Maybe I’m just not as pliable as I should be.

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  7. Well said Brenda! My husband and I are looking to move to a home on one of the local lakes by Madison and I know I’ll go through the same changes as you and Ted once we find just that right place and make the move. I had that same feeling when we moved into the house we are living now. I’m so happy that your feeling that “home” feeling now when you walk through the front door. Hoping you’ll get used to the “no” yard thing, but like you said, just seeing the manatees and other wildlife will help. Take care and God bless…

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  8. You and Ted have gone through a lot this past couple of years and yet you keep putting one foot forward. You are truly an inspiration to all of us. Yes you have had challenges and times of tears but you manage to keep you chin up and try to look for the positives. That is such an accomplishment!

    Take care and give yourself a pat on the back! You deserve it!!!

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