More Springtime Stuff! 4/26/15

Hi Everyone!

Matthew and Jordan spent Friday night with us and had a great time playing in the

Matthew and Jordan spent Friday night with us while their parents were out of town, and they had a great time playing in the “sand box”, then watching an old late-50’s movie about surfing – Gidget (I remember watching this movie about 12 times as a pre-teen and having a really BIG crush on its male star, James Darren – aka Moon Doggie).  Matthew thought it was hilarious because of the old surfboards and the really horrible “so fake” close-up shots of the surfing.   I admit it was pretty bad compared to today’s standards on special effects, but it’s still a sweet story, and Jordan loved it!  I guess it’s a girl thing.

Bear - taking in the cool breeze last night at twilight.

Bear – taking in the cool breeze last night at twilight . . .

. . . while Maddie hunts lizards (the reptiles have taken over from south Georgia squirrels in her

. . . while Maddie hunts lizards (the reptiles have taken over from south Georgia squirrels in her “let me at ’em” list of things to banish from the face of the earth.

We're visited almost every day now by at least 2-3 manatees in our inlet.  So fun to watch them swim in, feed, then swim back out to the intracoastal.

We’re visited almost every day now by at least 2-3 manatees in our inlet. So fun to watch them swim in, feed, then swim back out to the intracoastal.

From Molly McGreevy: “The staph infection from my surgical drain following the initial surgery is gone now, but one of the antibiotics and the Motrin they were giving me to reduce my fever hurt my kidneys.  My kidney function the day I came to the hospital was excellent. A couple days ago, not so good.  It’s improving ever so slightly with time since the Motrin has been discontinued, but I have to stay in the hospital until my kidney function returns to normal.  Other meds are causing GI issues and nausea, and I’ll probably have to have my PIC line replaced.  Thanks again to all my friends and family and all the “strangers” along the way that have helped me or are helping.  Sitting on my couch watching a movie with my husband and petting my dog sounds like Heaven right now.  To breathe fresh air – don’t take it for granted.  I miss my home.  God bless.”

Please continue to keep Molly in your prayers.  She’s been in the hospital for over a week now (although just today she was moved to one closer to Mackinac).  She can’t start her chemo until all these issues have been resolved. 

My good Mackinac Island friend, Orietta Barquero, posted the next photos on-line yesterday.  These are so bittersweet to me, mainly because this is what the island looked like when Ted and I would arrive on Mother’s Day weekend for the last few years.  We get so used to seeing the island either lush and green, with flowers in every possible color spilling out of hanging baskets and flowerbeds, or pure white with snow so bright it dazzles our eyes.  But in May . . . in May the island is like a ticking clock.  We know the green lies just below the brown of the grass, and the flowers are just beginning to bud and open.  In another month it will be Lilac season, but right now there are miracles happening below all that brown.  I LOVED being there to watch it happen. Oh heck, I just loved being there.






Have a great week!  God bless. 


18 thoughts on “More Springtime Stuff! 4/26/15

  1. Thanks for the update on Molly. Someone at church today asked about her. Prayers are continuing. Beautiful pictures from the island!


  2. Beautiful pictures. I wish I were there too so I could watch spring unfold. Will keep Molly in my prayers – so many people get staph infections following surgery. I hope they get it under control!


  3. Oh! I LOVED LOVED LOVED the old Gidget movies! And I collected names and had a Names List for my own future children since I was a little girl. Gidget was #1 on my list for YEARS. I think my mother prayed many a prayer that I didn’t put “such a name” on a little girl. Well, I never had a little girl for that to be a decision. BUT, about 3 yrs ago I adopted a puppy mill chihuahua that had been rescued and the rescue had put the name GIDGET on her!!! But I guess my mother’s prayers prevailed as I couldn’t bring myself to leave it on her, lol. Plus, my boys thought it was a dumb name, too. We tried on different names and she seemed to like Gigi. So, it’s close. 😉 Prayers continue for Molly. Bless her heart. She’d probably relax and rest MUCH better at home.


  4. Looks like the kids really did enjoy the sandbox! Just so you know, Gidget was an all time favorite of mine too and I loved Moon Doggie!
    Thanks for the update on Molly. She certainly has had a tough go lately, but hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon to start the next phase of her treatment. I’ll continue to keep her in my healing prayers.
    Always love seeing pictures of Maddie and Bear, not to mention the manatees. How cool are they. And as always love the Mackinac photos. Can’t wait to get back up there this coming season.
    Take care and have a wonderful week!


  5. Hey…another Gidget fan here and who didn’t love Moon Doggie! 🙂
    Thinking of Molly and hope things get better soon. (Your in our thoughts and prayers Molly.)
    Love the flowers sprouting up on the island. That’s why Spring is my favorite season….all the new flowers that bloom and the foliage turning green…everything is so new and fresh.

    Hi Bear and Maddie, it’s good to see you!
    Hi Matthew and Jordan, you have the best grandparents ever!


  6. Thanks Brenda for including my pictures. We walked to town last Thursday for the opening of the Gate House and had a great dinner. It was cold but sunny and beautiful. The island is just starting to wake up!


  7. The pictures of Bear and Maddie are adorable! Our Bear lays in our yard and seems to “be looking over his domain” as we call it. LOL!

    So nice to have grandkids spend the night. Those times are priceless.

    Can’t wait to go to Mackinac in June though I will miss seeing you and Ted by a week. The sounds of horses and bicycles are something I never get tired of. Heavenly bliss.

    Hugs from Iowa!


  8. Thanks for the update on Molly.
    I’ve seen the movie Gidget a couple of times. Adorable, but the special effects are so funny compared to today.
    Spring has FINALLY arrived in SW Ohio, so it should be moving up to the Island any time now.


  9. Your pictures are all bautiful. I enjoy each and every one! Saw the update on FB about Molly, and have been keeping her and her family wrapped up in prayer. Always wanted to have a tour from her, and still plan to do so one day!


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