Almost On The Road! 7/24/15

I wonder if anyone has as much trouble packing as I do!!

Here's the deal.  We don't want to have to lug our huge suitcases out of the car each night on the road.  So, we pack a

Here’s the deal. We don’t want to lug our huge suitcases out of the car each night on the road. So, we pack a “destination” suitcase (or two or three) AND a “trip up” suitcase. The “trip up” suitcases are small and carry ONLY what is needed to spend a couple of nights on the road.  They go into the truck bed LAST so they are easy to get out.

But - you have to be somewhat organized to be able to plan a 3-day/2-night road trip and every, little detailed thing you need once you stop for the night.  One year I had everything I needed EXCEPT my huge round roller brush, which for some reason I'd packed in the

But – you have to be somewhat organized to be able to plan a 3-day/2-night road trip and think of every little detailed thing you might need once you stop for the night. One year I had everything I needed EXCEPT my huge round hair styling brush, which for some reason I’d packed in a “destination” suitcase. There was just no way I could “do” my hair without it the next morning, so Ted had to haul every single “destination” suitcase, dog food bin, cooler, toolbox, camera case, etc. out of the truck to get to the bag that held my brush.  Well, let me just tell you, THAT was not a happy way to start the day, and I’ve done my best to make sure it hasn’t happened again!

Even Maddie and Bear have the type types of luggage - big green bag (destination-full of toys, meds, brushes, etc.).  Small tote (trip up-full of dogfood and bowls)

Even Maddie and Bear have the two types of luggage – big green bag (destination-toys, meds, brushes, etc.). Small tote (trip up-dogfood and bowls)

Anyway, we’re almost packed, and I’ve spent most of this afternoon cleaning house.  Ted always asks, “Why are you cleaning the house when we’re not going to be here?”  It’s kinda like your mom telling you when you were young to always wear clean underwear in case you’re in a car accident and end up in the emergency room. I’d hate mighty bad for someone to have to come into our house (for whatever reason) and find dust on all the furniture and Bear hair floating across the floor and in every nook and cranny.  So – I clean before we go.  And yes, that’s what my mom did.

While I’ve cleaned, Ted and our neighbor Ernie have worked out in the near-100 temps to cover our boat. Ernie will be in charge of moving the boat to dry dock IF a hurricane should be about to hit our little stretch of beach while we’re gone.  We pray that is something he doesn’t have to deal with!

I got a text message this morning from Sue and Terry, whose lake cabin we’re renting for the first three weeks of our Michigan trip.  She was warning me that the temps are on the rise for the next two weeks, and forecasts are calling for highs in the 80’s.  Frankly, “the 80’s” sound like a cold front to us!

Orietta Barquero, our friend on Mackinac Island, shared some great photos this week!


A beautiful view of ferries coming and going on a busy summer day.

Looking across Fort Mackinac

Looking across Fort Mackinac toward the Straits.

Main Street hustle and bustle.

Main Street hustle and bustle.


Carriage Tour horses walk past the always-flowering grounds of the Metivier Inn.


Another view of Main Street.

Another view of Main Street.

We’re only going to drive 7 hours on Saturday because we’re stopping off in Atlanta to spend the night at Jason’s  On Sunday we’ll hit the road early and drive until we feel like stopping.  Since we won’t be on the island the first three weeks of our stay, we don’t have to worry about ferry schedules – we plan to arrive at Black Lake sometime Monday afternoon.  Even though we were just on Mackinac a few weeks, ago, it’s been almost two years since we’ve spent long, QUALITY time on our favorite island. By that I mean weeks with plenty of time to relax, walk trails, eat out all over the island, see friends, check out what’s new and revisit what’s old, and just hang out. We are excited!

I will try to write a blog post at least once on the road, and if we’re friends on Facebook, I’ll post there pretty much daily.

Safe travel prayers are always appreciated.  See you in Michigan – and from points north – good Lord willing!

God bless.

Update on Max Jones Ride Across Iowa for the Mackinac Island Fire Department:

This photo was in Hiawatha, Iowa yesterday.  They were 130 miles from their 480-mile goal!  Max is on the far right.

This photo was in Hiawatha, Iowa yesterday. They were 130 miles from their 480-mile goal! Max is on the far right.

25 thoughts on “Almost On The Road! 7/24/15

  1. I am so excited for you two! Safe travels, certainly, and good weather on the road, too. Looking forward to the upcoming posts.


  2. One of the benefits of a camper – bathroom things stay in the bathroom, and you are always unpacked but don’t worry about leaving something behind (well I seemed to have lost one gym shoe in Ypsilanti one year, but usually nothing)
    I’m so excited for you to have time to enjoy one of your favorite places and to live vicariously through it.


  3. Brenda & Ted, Maddie and Bear,

    Interesting blog as usual. I’m glad you’ll be on the road in not very many hours. Although it is going to be warm (even hot by our standards), it will be cooler than Florida and certainly the humidity will be less.

    I have a suggestion for you, if Ted hasn’t already thought of it. Instead of going on I-75 to Exit 326, (Levering Road)andinto Cheboygan, take Exit 313, just north of Indian River, and drive north on Old 27 for 18 miles to Cheboygan. It’s a much nicer drive than Levering Road. You’ll go through the village of Topinabee, where I worked at a resort hotel for two summers after I worked on Mackinac Island, and along Mullett Lake and into Cheboygan from the south. If you haven’t already done that, I know you would like it. By the way, when I was a teenager, living in Cheboygan, a group of us often drove to Vivio’s Restaurant, just south of Indian River, for pizza. I believe that restaurant is still there.


    • I don’t think we actually have to go into Cheboygan to get to Black Lake, Lowell, but I think we ARE taking that 313 exit. I’ll email you our directions from Sue later, and you can see if you can figure out how were going.



  4. So exciting to begin your journey. And yes, I have packing problems too. And we don’t have dogs! You just never know about the weather. Safe travels!


  5. I know the feeling with the packing. You go from hot to cool—-so you leave in shorts and are in long pants by the time you get north. And you leave north in pants and have to make sure you have shorts once you hit the Mason Dixie line. And I too do the dog bags—and it was great fun when we had the 2 kids with their stuff!!! And just wondering —- Does Ted do his packing or do you have to do his too? Bill hated the packing. So I told him don’t complain with what is in your suitcases!!!! The things we go thru to get up north!!!!


  6. Now that is a man who cherishes his wife! Going through all the luggage for a brush! Sweet!! Thanks to your friend, Orietta, for the lovely photos. When you get to the island, eat a BLT at Chuck Wagon for me! May you be blessed with good travel on your trip!


  7. Aah, I can’t wait to see Mackinac through your eyes again. Just reading the travel suggestion comment above, I was transported right back to the first glimpse of The Bridge from the highway, Sea Shell City (is it still there?) and its exit that we always took, the roads that lead to The Lake, and the first glimpse of that glistening water from DeKruif Road (or is it Somers?). Have a GREAT trip!


  8. Safe travels. Don’t feel like you are alone with having troubles preparing for a trip. We went away for one night last weekend for our anniversary and my husband forgot all his meds. Believe me that will never happen again.


  9. Another crazy person that would hate for others to see a dirty house should something happen to me while on vacation! I do the exact same thing. I’m going to try your idea on the destination…now bags! Great idea!


  10. We do the same thing when packing for our yearly summer trip to Kanakuk Kamps in Branson. I have the kids’ camp duffle bags all packed up, and they just have a small 2 night hotel duffle we grab when we stop for the night. While they are kampers, I wash their clothes, and repack the bag for the trip home. This was our 15th year going out there, but it didn’t hit me to do that until about year 5. Changed everything!

    Prayers for safe travels. Y’all have a glorious COOL time up north. I just got back from Boston and had a few perfect days up there.


  11. When we come up to Mackinac Island for a week…we usually spend the first night in Mackinaw City. We too always pack the “overnight bag” for the one night and a “destination bag” for the week. So much easier just getting out the one small bag in the City and then tossing it in the car the next day before pulling out our HUGE suitcases for the week on the Island. Great minds think alike, haha! Hope you have a wonderful trip! And maybe we’ll see you on the Island in August! Safe travels! 🙂


  12. Came across this again. Actually, I would insist upon going to Walgreens if I found out the brush was in the wrong suitcase because it would be easier (though not cheaper) to do that.
    Hope your family is having a Merry Christmas.


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