Weary in Wapakoneta! 7/26/15

Hello from Wapakoneta, Ohio!

We had all kinds of good intentions to make it to Whitmore Lake, MI today, but after 600 miles and 11 hours on the road – from our first stop last night at Jason’s in Atlanta – we just said, “That’s enough!” and pulled into one of our favorite dog friendly Best Westerns.

It’s amazing how much more time living in Beverly Beach adds to this trip.  We traveled 400 miles on Saturday to Atlanta, and we’ll have another 400 to go on Monday.  Yes, it’s a long trip, but we know it will be worth it when we arrive!

Bear co-piloted most of the day, Maddie slept, I navigated (with the help of MapQuest on the iPhone), and Ted drove - yep, all 600 miles.

Bear co-piloted most of the day, Maddie slept, I navigated (with the help of MapQuest on the iPhone), and Ted drove – yep, all 600 miles.

Highlights (hmmm . . . maybe these are lowlights) of our trip today: 

1)  Had to make an unscheduled 30-minute stop in Richmond, KY at a PetSmart to find Maddie a halter after hers broke on a walk earlier this morning.  She patiently put up with Ted, me, and a PetSmart employee putting her little legs in and out of at least 15 different halters before we found one that would work on her little sausage body. 

2)  Lunch was drive-through because it was just too hot to leave the pooches in the car – even in the shade with the windows down some.  No way!  So we ate our McDonald’s with Bear and Maddie drooling over our shoulders.  Yes, they got a few French fries.

3)  Several times today the truck AC cut off and nothing but hot air blew out.  Let me just tell you this old girl almost had a heart attack right there and then.  Visions of the riding the remaining 700 miles with all the windows down and our feet hanging out the window.  Thank you Lord, it kicked back on each time.  Please Lord, let it be ok tomorrow . . . and the rest of the summer.

4)  Traffic was HORRIBLE in Cincinnati and in Dayton.  It always is.  And, even after that long stop to shop for a halter, it was the traffic delays in both those cities (caused by construction) that sealed our decision to stop in Ohio and not go on.

Traffic backup outside Cincinnati.

Traffic backup outside Cincinnati.

We are so looking forward to pulling in at Whispering Pines Cottage on Black Lake Monday afternoon!

Sue sent this pic a few minutes ago after seeing my traffic pics on Facebook.  She said"Traffic is really heavy at Black Lake too . . . had a boat go by about 20 minutes ago."

Sue sent this pic a few minutes ago, after seeing my traffic pics on Facebook. She said”Traffic is really heavy at Black Lake too . . . had a boat go by about 20 minutes ago.”

Dinner was Taco Bell in our room (can’t leave dogs unattended in room, and just couldn’t bring ourselves to put them back in the truck again today). 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I’ll see you all back here in a few days . . . or a day  . . . or sometime soon!

Thanks for all the travel prayers.  Please send one more up for tomorrow!

Hugs and love and God bless.

12 thoughts on “Weary in Wapakoneta! 7/26/15

  1. Wow…11 hours!! Long drive . As I was reading this aloud to Bud I kept saying “Lake Blackshear”. I don’t know why but that’s what I kept seeing.
    Get a good nights sleep, a few more miles tomorrow and you got it made! Safe travels the rest of the way. 🙂


  2. ‘Tis a day for travel. We left Bar Harbor Maine at 5:30 a.m., and just arrived here in Midland Ontario, safe & sound, at 10;15 p.m. A very, very long day; but a safe trip home. Danny-dog was delighted to be free of the vehicle after such a day. Safe journey for you, Ted, Bear and Maddie. Danny-dog says “arf bow woof wow”, which is dog for “hang in there, it’s a lot of fun once the journey ends!”


    • Thanks, Deb and Danny! My Bear was moving pretty slow when we went out for the last time a few minutes ago. Hard day of travel – for old people AND old dogs!
      Glad you’re safely back home!



  3. Atlanta to Wapakoneta is a long day!
    When Koti chewed off the end of his tail last fall and removed the stitches twice before we had it completely amputated, he was on constant supervision. However, my parents go out to lunch every day. Koti now has a fondness for McDoubles and sundaes.
    The Reds weren’t in town today even. Last Sunday, it took me almost two hours to make it from the Cincinnati airport to near the Monroe outlets! (And I had 90 minute delay on my flight) I ended up with Taco Bell for dinner as well.
    Just think tomorrow you’ll be sitting on the cool edge of the lake.


  4. I hope your A/C holds out…..it’s gonna be another hot and humid day but still it’s looking better than the rainy weather in Florida right now.


  5. Safe travels. I hope that AC starts working correctly. I have to laugh at your comments about eating in the motel room and car. I have made that Florida/Michigan trip a few times now with my dog and we never eat in restaurants. It’s worth it…Magical Mackinac awaits.


  6. I don’t think you will ever believe me that it HAS been COOL up here on Mackinac b/c the past couple days it has been H.O.T. You must be bringing the weather with you. Hope the A/C is working. Can’t wait to see a pic of ALL of you swimming in the Lake this afternoon. Ted deserves a case of Molson!


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