Our Woods Restaurant Dining Adventure! 9/2/15

Hi Everyone!

The last few days on Mackinac have been jam-packed with adventure and events!  I’ve shot over 500 photographs, and I’m in the process of turning those into at least two blogs between now and Sunday.  My fingers are itching to write, and my eyes are crossing from cataloging and cropping the best of the photographs.  But that’s ok, because I love sharing Mackinac with all of you!  So, stay tuned – there are a couple of blogs on the way that will definitely deliver the magic of Mackinac in a big way!

For right now though, just wanted to let you know that yesterday the Grand Hotel published the guest blog I wrote on the Woods Restaurant, and you can click here to access:  www.grandhotel.com/blog.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as Ted and I enjoyed the adventure that is dining at the Woods!


See you back here real soon!

4 thoughts on “Our Woods Restaurant Dining Adventure! 9/2/15

  1. Your “Woods” blog is extremely good! The Woods is always a must stop for us. We took our nieces there when they were 18 & 20 so they could play in the bowling alley and eat popcorn. They still talk about it! The manager, Neil, is an absolute gem and we enjoy talking to him. As usual, you have done this story with such talent and warmth!


  2. Your beautiful words and your pictures say it all. They depict a place I want to visit. We will definitely be eating at the Woods Restaurant on our next visit to the Island. Thank you for the great tour.


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