Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar Trip – Post 2

I love the Atlanta airport – AS LONG AS I can fly INTO there and not have to go through security. Waiting in Atlanta now for my 10:58 flight to Detroit. It’s a two hour flight, and I only have 50 minutes in Detroit to catch my flight to Pellston. That makes me very nervous!!!

So I’m just hanging out – people watching, grabbing a pack of crackers and a Sprite for brunch, and hoping my checked bag gets to Pellston at the same time I do. My only carry-ons are my purse and my laptop, so I’m going to be in big trouble if my bag is late arriving. All my winter stuff is in that bag!!

Won’t have time to post in Detroit, so the next time you hear from me will be sometime after 3:05 touchdown in Pellston, where friends Jill and Sue will be waiting. Then we’ll decide if we can make the 4:00 ferry!!

WooHoo! Even more excited!






5 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar Trip – Post 2

  1. You shouldn’t have any problem in Detroit! It’s easy to get around. And, of course, when you get to Pellston, oh, my, what a charming little airport! I ADORE flying in and out of there!


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